How to Distinguish Between Tempered and Laminated Auto Glass

Glazing can increase the safety of your vehicle by strengthening windows. Tempering and laminating are the two most frequently used and well-known procedures. While both result in stronger glass compared to its original form and are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, they are different. Consider their pros and cons when applying them for your car.

Tempering produces a type of safety glass that is created by heating the glass to over 1,100 degrees. Then, it is shot with cold air, so that it cools rapidly. In the process, the outer and inner surfaces of the glass obtain different degrees of hardness. Due to this, tempered glass will shatter into tiny fragments with rounded edges, instead of shards. This means that it is less likely for you to incur major cut injuries, though it is still dangerous to walk in the area of any type of shattered glass. This type of glazing is frequently used for a vehicle’s door or back glass, for which strength, thermal resistance and safety are important.

On the other hand, laminating permanently bonds two sheets of glass together with plastic. The inner layer softens the impact when collision occurs. This prevents the glass sheets from separating, so that laminated glass will flex before it shatters. Even when it does shatter, it will less likely break into tiny fragments.

This is why laminated glass is often used for windshields, which is the part of the vehicle that is most likely to get into human contact. When a flying object comes from in front of you and the windshield breaks, the laminated glass will not shatter easily, preventing major injuries for you and the passenger next to you.

Laminated glass is also a great soundproofing material, providing you with a quiet vehicle interior. In addition, it requires a lot of effort and noise to break, so that it is effective in preventing auto theft.

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Top 5 Worst Car Accidents

Here are 5 of the worst car accidents that have occurred in world history and a little about what you can do to avoid being involved in one yourself.

Fresno 2007

Involving 126 vehicles and 36 people injured, this accident occurred on a highway in Fresno in 2007. The cause of it was limited visibility due to fog. If you have limited visibility due to fog or for any other reason, it is best to slow down as much as you can to feel safe or pull over and wait out the weather.

Londonberry, 2009

If the roads where you live have not been plowed after a heavy snowfall, it is best to avoid going out altogether, a tip that might have been useful in Massachusetts in 2009. This accident involved 46 cars, 13 trucks, and totaled at 15 injuries and was the result of unplowed roads.

Williamsburg, 2010

This accident that occurred in Williamsburg, Virginia has heavy snowfall to blame for 7 injuries and 50 wrecked cars.

Czech Republic, 2008

The scene is a snowy day in the Czech Republic in 2008. An incredible 189 vehicles were involved in this accident that occurred due to heavy snowfall.

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How Useful Is Auto Refinishing?

Whether you have a relatively new car, a used car, or an old vintage car, auto refinishing can be a huge benefit to you. Auto refinishing is actually great for a lot of things other than just aesthetics. Here are 3 reasons to have your vehicle professionally refinished:

  • Brings your car back to new condition
  • Maintain your vehicle’s resale value
  • Provide protection and improve performance

Makes Your Car Look Like New

You might drive an older car but your car doesn’t have to look the part. The primary reason that people have their vehicles refinished is to make it look better. When you have a high quality and experienced professional perform your refinishing job, you can bring your car back to the good old days when it looked brand new.

Maintain Resale Value

Refinishing your car will help it maintain its resale value. If you were buying a used car, and you had the option of one with a clean, sparkling paint job with no visible dings and dents, or a vehicle that was rusty and had scratches, you would pick the refinished one. People will pay more for a car that looks better.

Protects Your Vehicle

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Save Time and Money with Paintless Dent Removal


Remember that feeling of excitement when you first purchased your car? How you would run your hand along the smooth surface and smile knowing that this beauty was yours? If your car has seen a few years, chances are the panels now have a few dimples; low-impact collisions and errant baseballs can easily leave pockmarks. Here are a few reasons to consider paintless dent removal to bring back the glory days.

1.       It’s Economical

Standard repair work includes sanding down the damaged panel, filling the dent and then recoating. That can be quite expensive. With paintlessrepair, there is only step: pushing the indentation back out. Because there are fewer steps, there are fewer costs for you.

2.       It’s Quicker

Your car can be in and out of the shop in a matter of hours if you can use this method. Regular work can take days, which means you would need to find alternate transportation while you’re waiting and waiting.

3.       It Will Look Better

No more dings and dents mean a more attractive vehicle for you. Also, an auto body shop won’t need to worry about matching your shade to the manufacturers, because little or no painting is involved.

4.       No Need to Use Insurance

Because of the low cost, you may not even reach your insurance deductible. As a result,you won’t need to file a claim, so your premiums won’t be increased.

Get your car back into pristine shape without spending a lot of time or money. You can find out more about paintless car scratch removal in Vista, by visiting this website.