Quick Fixes for Noisy Mufflers

The muffler on your car is an important part of the exhaust system. Cylindrical pipes convey exhaust fumes out of the engine and away from the passengers. These operation of these pipes would be very loud without the muffler. Whether you find this annoying or not, you’re probably pretty familiar with the sound. No matter where you lie along the spectrum between those who enjoy the sound and those have been woken too often by its sound, eventually your muffler will probably deteriorate and weaken. The sheet metal used to make mufflers is also susceptible to rust. When you need a quick fix, you can use one of a few different methods for a temporary solution.

If a visual inspection reveals holes in the side or bottom of the muffler, a quick patch job with the putty sold in auto parts stores can help you travel just a little bit further. The kit from the store should also include a heat resist cover and a strap to secure the cloth around the plugs. If the pipes are narrow enough, you may be able to cut open an aluminum can to wrap around the hole until it can be repaired permanently. If done correctly, this fix can keep you going until you are able to get in to the auto shop. Don’t expect it to last very long, though. You will need to see the mechanic before too much time has gone by.

Sometimes a loose tailpipe is the cause of the noise. If this is the problem, use an auto clamp or a strong piece of wire to secure the pipe. This quick fix can extend the life of your muffler for several months or more. A dragging tailpipe can send up sparks that are annoying at best and represents a dangerous problem if ignored. A dragging tailpipe represents damage in the exhaust system. You could expose your passengers to exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rust is another significant problem and one that you can’t afford to ignore. Once rust gains a foothold on the muffler, it will spread to other metal parts. A visual inspection of the undercarriage of our automobile can alert you to the appearance of rust, so that you can work aggressively to resolve the problem. Surface rust can be treated with sandpaper and a couple of coats of paint.


After conducting any of these quick repairs, keep the initial damage in mind. Remember these fixes are just temporary and that for the safety of your automobile and your family, the damages need to be looked at by a professional. Get more information about fixing your muffler in San Diego by visiting this website.


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