I-Car Gold Professional Status Explained

Every industry has a standard by which all of its providers are gauged. Those business with the best training, personal standards, and certification documentation will be among the stars of the field, and the services they provide will be the very highest quality available. Among collision repair specialists, the I-Car Gold Professional Status is the highest standard available.

Only about 10% of the professionals offering collision repair services can claim I-Car Gold status. Those who are not certified might claim that the expense is not a necessary one or that the time invested in obtaining this respected and industry-changing training is prohibitive. Those who invest in better understanding the best methods for making these repairs know that their services must the best available as more than the appearance of the car is at stake. In the ever evolving world of vehicle repairs, new technologies and materials will leave those who do not choose to continuously educate themselves behind in terms of knowledge, process, and abilities.

For companies choosing to secure I-Car Gold status, the benefits are exciting but fairly obvious. The first benefit is both professional and personal. Any job to be done is more fulfilling when it is done well. Becoming the best in your field is not only validating—it is also crucial to the success of your company and the quality of your work. For professionals achieving this level, the business returns include improvements in monthly revenues, customer service reviews, contact times, and cycle times.

The benefits to consumers, though, are most compelling. While humanity tends to alleviate doctors and teachers as the most crucial providers within each society as they foster health and knowledge, specialists providing collision repair are often not respected as well as they should be. The fact is, anyone dealing with vehicle repairs may play a major role in the health and safety of everyone on the road. As doctors, teachers, and any other person who becomes crucial to other’s health are held to high education standards, so should those who work to maintain, repair, and improve the vehicles that must be safe to operate and present as little danger to others as possible.

I-Car Gold status allows truly interested repair technicians to acquire the comprehensive education necessary to provide the best service possible in the field. Among the very best in their industry, those who achieve gold status will know a great deal more than how to make your car beautiful again. They will also understand how to return it to its safest level of performance, and that represents a set of skills worthy of serious celebration.

For more information on an auto body shop with I-Car Gold Professional Status, please visit this website.


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