Mercedes, A Family Brand

Mercedes, A Family Brand

In June of 1902, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, a German automaker registered “Mercedes” as a brand name.

How the Name Came to Be


The first extravagant gas-powdered automobile was sold to the sultan of Morocco in 1899 by the mechanical engineer, Gottlieb Daimler; and one year later, he formed DMG. A prominent Austrian businessman and diplomat named Jellinek was excited about the advance of the automobile. He ordered a car from Daimler in 1897. He received a six-horsepower automobile with a two-cylinder engine but thought it was too slow. He replaced it with a faster model. Jellinek loved the Diamler cars so much that he began to sell them to high society customers. In April of 1900, Jellinek agreed to distribute and sell a new line of DMG four-cylinder automobiles. The new car was named, “Mercedes”, after Jellinek’s daughter.

How the Symbol Came to Be


The Mercedes symbol is a three-point star and has been used on all Mercedes autos since 1910. The sons of Gottlieb Daimler remembered a postcard where their father had drawn a simple star over the home where he lived. In the message of the card, he explained to his wife that the star stood for the prosperity that would shine on the family when he eventually had his own automobile factory. That star was prophetic, and the symbol continues to honor Gottlieb Daimler today.  Please visit this website to learn more about luxury cars or Mercedes repair in Sunnyvale.


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