How to Distinguish Between Tempered and Laminated Auto Glass

Glazing can increase the safety of your vehicle by strengthening windows. Tempering and laminating are the two most frequently used and well-known procedures. While both result in stronger glass compared to its original form and are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, they are different. Consider their pros and cons when applying them for your car.

Tempering produces a type of safety glass that is created by heating the glass to over 1,100 degrees. Then, it is shot with cold air, so that it cools rapidly. In the process, the outer and inner surfaces of the glass obtain different degrees of hardness. Due to this, tempered glass will shatter into tiny fragments with rounded edges, instead of shards. This means that it is less likely for you to incur major cut injuries, though it is still dangerous to walk in the area of any type of shattered glass. This type of glazing is frequently used for a vehicle’s door or back glass, for which strength, thermal resistance and safety are important.

On the other hand, laminating permanently bonds two sheets of glass together with plastic. The inner layer softens the impact when collision occurs. This prevents the glass sheets from separating, so that laminated glass will flex before it shatters. Even when it does shatter, it will less likely break into tiny fragments.

This is why laminated glass is often used for windshields, which is the part of the vehicle that is most likely to get into human contact. When a flying object comes from in front of you and the windshield breaks, the laminated glass will not shatter easily, preventing major injuries for you and the passenger next to you.

Laminated glass is also a great soundproofing material, providing you with a quiet vehicle interior. In addition, it requires a lot of effort and noise to break, so that it is effective in preventing auto theft.


Out of the two types of glazed glass, laminated glass is more expensive, while tempered glass may need to be replaced more frequently, especially in regions with violent weather. Some manufacturers are increasingly choosing to use laminated glass for the side and rear windows as well. However, you still have the leeway to choose tempered glass, the more affordable option. In the end, both tempering and laminating result in much safer outcomes than normal, annealed glass.

Get your vehicle checked by your local auto shop to ensure your safety. Not only broken windows, but also chipped or cracked windows, should be repaired so that the integrity of the glass will not be compromised overtime. To get more information on windshield repair in Raleigh, visit the website.


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