Top 5 Worst Car Accidents

Here are 5 of the worst car accidents that have occurred in world history and a little about what you can do to avoid being involved in one yourself.

Fresno 2007

Involving 126 vehicles and 36 people injured, this accident occurred on a highway in Fresno in 2007. The cause of it was limited visibility due to fog. If you have limited visibility due to fog or for any other reason, it is best to slow down as much as you can to feel safe or pull over and wait out the weather.

Londonberry, 2009

If the roads where you live have not been plowed after a heavy snowfall, it is best to avoid going out altogether, a tip that might have been useful in Massachusetts in 2009. This accident involved 46 cars, 13 trucks, and totaled at 15 injuries and was the result of unplowed roads.

Williamsburg, 2010

This accident that occurred in Williamsburg, Virginia has heavy snowfall to blame for 7 injuries and 50 wrecked cars.

Czech Republic, 2008

The scene is a snowy day in the Czech Republic in 2008. An incredible 189 vehicles were involved in this accident that occurred due to heavy snowfall.

Germany, 2009

If you thought 189 vehicles crunched together on a highway is bad, consider this 2009 accident that took place in Germany, where 239 vehicles were involved and was the unfortunate result of heavy snow, rain, and speeding. For more information on an auto body repair shop in Raleigh, visit this site.


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