Kia Soul Gains Soul with Car Painting

Colorful painting work has been done on the body of a Kia Soul for an exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia. The artwork surely conveys the soulfulness of the car, as its name suggests.3488806331_908f1aae86_z


The 5 Types of Car Paint

Have you ever thought about repainting your car? If so, then it would be helpful to know about the 5 types of car paint that can be used. You should know how to use these and what the benefits of each are in order to get the finish that you are looking for. Here are the basic 5 types of car paint that you should know about.

Prep Finish

Also known as undercoat finish or a primer, a prep finish goes on first to prime the vehicle’s surface to get it ready to paint. It helps the paint stick to the vehicle better.

Base Coat

The base coat goes on over the primer and does not provide protection. For this reason, a base coat almost always requires a clear coat on top of it to ensure the finish is protected from the elements.

Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic lacquer is pretty popular with owners of vintage cars because it gives off the most shine. Acrylic lacquer is generally used for aesthetics only as it provides virtually no protection to your vehicle.

Clear Coat

As the name implies, clear coat contains no color and is used to protect the paint job from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can fade your vehicle finish.

Specialty Paint

Finally, specialty paints are those that do not fit in any of the above categories. Some examples of specialty paint are metallic finish paints, chameleon paints, or acrylic enamel paint, which only requires one application but is not often used. For more information to auto painting in Raleigh, visit this website.

Mercedes, A Family Brand

Mercedes, A Family Brand

In June of 1902, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, a German automaker registered “Mercedes” as a brand name.

How the Name Came to Be


The first extravagant gas-powdered automobile was sold to the sultan of Morocco in 1899 by the mechanical engineer, Gottlieb Daimler; and one year later, he formed DMG. A prominent Austrian businessman and diplomat named Jellinek was excited about the advance of the automobile. He ordered a car from Daimler in 1897. He received a six-horsepower automobile with a two-cylinder engine but thought it was too slow. He replaced it with a faster model. Jellinek loved the Diamler cars so much that he began to sell them to high society customers. In April of 1900, Jellinek agreed to distribute and sell a new line of DMG four-cylinder automobiles. The new car was named, “Mercedes”, after Jellinek’s daughter.

How the Symbol Came to Be


The Mercedes symbol is a three-point star and has been used on all Mercedes autos since 1910. The sons of Gottlieb Daimler remembered a postcard where their father had drawn a simple star over the home where he lived. In the message of the card, he explained to his wife that the star stood for the prosperity that would shine on the family when he eventually had his own automobile factory. That star was prophetic, and the symbol continues to honor Gottlieb Daimler today.  Please visit this website to learn more about luxury cars or Mercedes repair in Sunnyvale.

The BMW Logo Origin


The BMW Roundel was registered almost 100 years ago and is now one of the most recognized commercial symbols in the world.

The Logo Myth


The apparent “spinning propellers” of the design have made people think that it is connected with aircraft engines. That, however, is just a myth. The design was definitely not linked to aircraft engines or propellers. The idea came from an advertisement in 1929 that featured the image of the Roundel in spinning propellers. The advertisement coincided with BMW getting the license to build radial aircraft engines, and the advertising depart used the BMW heritage and the Roundel to attempt to increase sales for the new radial motors.

The Truth


The BMW trademark was registered in October of 1917. The design was circular and had the BMW letters at the top of the ring. The inner quadrants displayed the Bavarian Free State colors of blue and white, but in the opposite order because it was illegal to commercially trademark national symbols.

The Roundel has remained basically the same over the years but with subtle changes. In the original design, the outline and lettering was in gold. Today, the letters are bold, white, and dynamic. It’s safe to say that the BMW Roundel is an iconic symbol, and the original design has stood the test of time. Please visit this website for BMW repair in Mountain View.